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Fortify - A Tactical Duel Wargame

Fortify - A Tactical Duel Wargame

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15 - 30 mins | 2 players | Light Strategy

Introducing Fortify, the latest addition to our collection of small-box big games, perfect for 2 players. Engage in epic battles in just 15-30 minutes with this light strategy wargame that's designed to keep you on the edge of your seat. Set on a 4x5 grid featuring land, water, and shore terrain, Fortify presents a dynamic battlefield where you must outwit your opponent.

Command three unique unit types: Tanks, Infantry, and Battleships. As you take turns, you'll enlist new units, skillfully maneuver them into advantageous positions, fortify your formation for added strength, and launch fierce attacks on enemy units. But Fortify is not just about tactics; it's about strategy. Tanks are lightning-fast, Infantry enlists at double speed, and Battleships fortify on the shores. These special abilities add depth and excitement to every move you make.

To emerge victorious, you must fortify four strategic squares on the grid, creating intense moments of surprise and anticipation! And for advanced players, two additional units—The Chopper and the Artillery—are included, offering a multitude of strategic possibilities. With two map options and 5-10 minute fast game sessions, will you outmaneuver your opponent and claim victory in this thrilling war of wits? This is Fortify.

How to Play Fortify:


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