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GridL - An Abstract Deduction Game

GridL - An Abstract Deduction Game

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2 - 8 Players | Ages 14+ | 15 - 20 mins


In the distant future, a mysterious bioweapon called Downez that started as a malicious computer virus, achieved sentience and annihilated most of human civilization!! Bummer... though a few techno-radical groups had foreseen this, for they developed GridL, a super-computer program which tried to preserve as much life as possible by storing them as advanced code on an infinite grid. Its goal was to mimic natural selection and restart life, once conditions were favourable in the outside world.


Luckily, you are one of the few humans who were saved by GridL. Now locked permanently inside the program since ages, you must try to get out by passing the GridL Test - a bizarre game that will decide if you are worthy enough to survive outside! GridL will assay your decoding and communication strengths - are you smart enough to work as a team, and qualify for the same?


The game of GridL is played between two teams (or cooperatively if playing less than 4 players). Cluegivers (or the Gridmaster) must successfully convey solutions coded on a 5x5 Grid, to their teammates. The catch - each axis of the grid gets a random generated word, and communication limiters force the Gridmaster to use restricted word clues connecting these two words! Teams hope to either be the first to reach 12 points on the score track, or have more points than the opponent team at the end of 6 turns - to win the game of GridL!

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  • 1 Grid Board
  • 85 Word Cards (Navy/Magenta Side)
  • 25 Solution Cards
  • 12 X-Tokens/Power Tokens (Double Sided)
  • 4 Player Tokens (Blue/Pink Side)
  • 2 Block Cards
  • 1 Rulebook 

Bonus: Download Rulebook Here


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