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(Pre-Order) Kursi - A Political Strategy Game

(Pre-Order) Kursi - A Political Strategy Game

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This game is on pre-order and is expected to be released in June 2024

45 - 60 mins | 2-4 players | Light Strategy

Kursi in News: The New Indian Express "Are you game?"

Can political strategy games like ‘Kursi’ build voter awareness?

Assume the role of a political strategist navigating the complex landscape of Indian elections, where strategic decisions and cunning moves can make or break your party's chances of getting into power. In Kursi, players strategically appoint electoral candidates, manage capital for impactful rallies, and spread influence to control key political assets.

Balancing popularity and media control is essential, as is maintaining a delicate reputation to play game-changing cards at the right moment.The ultimate objective is to win the most votes and secure the majority of seats! Engage in strategic battles with rival political masterminds, adapt to the ever-changing political scenario, and emerge as the victorious architect behind the winning party.


  • Candidate Cards
  • Kursi (Seat) Cards
  • Asset Cards
  • Rally Cards
  • Party Vote Cards
  • Masterstroke Cards
  • Media Pawn
  • Reference Cards, Rulebook

A Game by Manthan Anand and Sidhant Chand

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