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Royal Thief - A Free 2-Player Mini-Game!

Royal Thief - A Free 2-Player Mini-Game!

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👉🏻This is a Zenwood FREEBIE: A 1-Card Game called Royal Thief!🎁

(Yes, we fit an entire mini-game on a single card!)

Download free and receive the files to Print and Play the game Royal Thief. All instructions are included in the game package itself.

The Royal King and Queen are enjoying their peaceful rule over the Kingdom... only to find out that a renowned sly Royal Thief is on the loose, whose eyes are set on the Royal Treasury. Worried, the King has appointed the faithful Guard to catch this Royal Thief!

Play as King, Queen, Thief or Guard and outwit your opponent! 

This is a game similar to Rock Paper Scissors in theory, but with assymetric characters!

  • Instead of 3 items (Rock, Paper and Scissor), there are 4 Characters - King, Queen, Guard and Thief.
  • Instead of all items behaving the exact same way, here all 4 characters have different roles, objectives and characteristics!

Objective of the game is to be the first player to reach 10 points!


  • 1 Rulebook .pdf
  • 1-Card Version Print-N-Play .pdf
  • 4-Card Alternate Version Print-N-Play .pdf

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